Developing computer games was my dream since childhood, but due to various circumstances, years later, I ended up working on large websites for living. I like that too, however my love for game development never faded. In 2014 I took a 3 week long vacation to take a break from coding at work, just so I could write more code at home. I started learning game development by building a small top down tank shooter, and it was my best vacation ever! 3 weeks was only the beginning, but months later I managed to build a complete open source game and written a free to read book about my experience.

Building that game sparked a bigger flame, and I started learning C++, SDL2, later Unity and C#, reading all kinds of stuff about game development online, lurking in /r/gamedev in Reddit, following #gamedev on Twitter, discovering gems like Project Porcupine and Handmade Hero.

The problem I faced as someone who was trying to follow what was happening in indie game development scene, was the lack of single place where all gamedevs would gather. Everything was scattered around all over the internet. Both Reddit and Twitter are awesome, but I was looking for something more targeted, something that could unite everything that happens in Game Development scene and connect gamedev people together in more meaningful ways.

Then I got this idea to build a place like that myself. And this is how Game Hero portal was born. Or rather is being born, because development is currently in progress. This will be a place where game developers can expose their work in progress, finished games, assets, screenshots, soundtracks, build portfolios with skills, find team mates, find jobs for game dev studios, find publishers and players interested in game early access.

The portal is live and functional, I've been waking up at 5 AM and doing 80 hour work weeks to leverage a full time job and this side project, but looks like I've pulled this through, at least implementation wise.

There is still a long journey ahead, but first steps are taken. Game Hero is born!

If you are related to game development in any way, you are welcome to join and list your games, studios, post screenshots, trailers and other updates. In near future a gamedev jobs section will be added.

Let's build games together!

Game Development
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